This site is intended as an adjunct to our main website of postal history covers and is dedicated to postmarks on detached stamps, selected for the fine or superb quality of the strike. In my experience a very fine, complete, upright postmark, clearly showing the date, only appears in one of very many hundreds of stamps, and therefore even if intrinsically common is in itself quite scarce or even rare in fine condition.

The countries chosen are shown at random, as the items are found, but are likely to reflect the stronger sections of the main website.

Some postmarks are in fact small pieces of good graphic art and can thus sometimes be a thing of beauty.

The catalogue numbers may not be absolutely accurate and are often an approximation where there are large variations in perforation, printing, colour or paper (such as in Victoria, many British Colonies, Belgium, Austria).  Sometimes they may be better items than the catalogue number quoted. These are sold for the postmark, not the actual stamp.

A simple sorting facility is provided. When using the search box, try using words such as "Scot" which would call up Scottish, Scotland, Scots, etc., all together; and similar such as "Ire" for Ireland (and usually 'Irish'), but this also produces "lire" in Italian items; note "Pol" would bring up Poland, Polish & Polar.

Please click on the postmarks for more detailed information.